What is KPI?

A KPI, Key Performance Indicator, is a Metric that is mainly aligned to a "Key Business Goal". It tracks how efficiently & effectively an organization is performing against that objective and goal. Companies use KPIs to drive growth bringing about performance improvements and thereby achieving end objective, target or goal.

If you are searching for KPI reporting services in the United States (US), we can help you. We at Whiz Consulting provide KPI reporting services for businesses based in the USA. With the help of our experts, we provide KPI reports for businesses assisting right from establishing the KPIs to implementing processes to them in improving those key areas.

Objectives of KPI Report:-

Monitor Organization's Health.
Measure Overall Progress
Analyse Patterns Over Time
Solve the Problems or Tackle Opportunities
Make Adjustments & Stay on Track

How do we establishing your KPI report?

  • Determine company vision and goals
  • Analyze organization goals and break them down into Key Performance Questions
  • Select specific KPIs that answers these Key Performance Questions
  • Set the target for evaluating each KPI performance
  • Chose date sources for KPIs
  • Develop KPI report measuring actual performance compared to targeted goals
  • Key out the reason for the deviation between these two, even any.

Types of Key Performance Indicators for Businesses:

Financial Performance Review Report:

Report with the following financial metrics-
  • Gross Profit Margin Percentage
  • Operating Profit Margin Percentage
  • Operating Expenses Ratios
  • Net Profit Margin Percentage

Financial Business Operational Efficiency Report:

Report with the following operational efficiency metrics-
  • Inventory Holding period
  • Debtors Collection Period
  • Vendors Payable Period
  • Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Working Capital Turnover

Sales Performance Review Report:

Report with the following sales metrics-
  • Sales Growth
  • Sales Target
  • Average Revenue Per Unit
  • Customer Acquisition cost
  • Customer Lifetime Value

Sales conversion review Report:

Report with the following sales metrics-
  • Lead-to-Opportunity Ratio
  • Opportunity-to-Win Ratio
  • Lead Conversion Rate

Benefits of KPI Report:

Measures Budgeted Sales-

With KPI reports help, one can quickly analyze budgeted sales over the achieved sales during the specified period, thus helping analyze all the discrepancies.

Retention of Consumer with product Satisfaction-

KPI helps to obtain how the ultimate consumer is satisfied with the product and provides the retention ratio of the consumer.

Increase in Employee Satisfaction-

KPI provides checks on the satisfaction level of employees & workers, which helps to retain them for a longer period.

Overheads Cost Control-

With the help of KPI reports, small business accounting can reduce the cost by helping understand unnecessary and necessary expenditure.

Improvement in Operational Efficiency-

KPIs help companies to identify their respective strengths and weaknesses and how those traits line up with their objectives for overall efficiency.

Some of the US-based industries where Whiz Consulting is consulting
on developing KPIs reports:

We at Whiz Consulting develop industry-specific KPIs for businesses, giving an in-depth understanding of business operations and comparing the organization goals. This leads the organization in identifying their business strengths and weaknesses and helping them to bring more synergies and efficiencies to business processes. If you need customized KPI reports for your business based in New York, Texas, California and other parts of the USA, we can help you with your requirement.

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KPIs for Health Care Business
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KPIs for an E-commerce Operator
KPIs for a Real estate Business
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KPIs for Call Centre Business
KPIs for Consulting Business

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A KPI report is a tool used to analyze a business and its processes performance. KPI reports help businesses to track progress against targets and goals. There are different types of KPI reports, and you can even have customized KPI reports based on your specific requirement.
KPI reports are essential to help understand your business performance. KPIs are derived based on the company's vision and goals. The KPI then helps to track progress against targets and goals. This enables businesses to understand not just the progress but the potential of a particular process or overall business. KPIs are highly effective, which is why you should also implement KPI reporting as a part of your business procedure.
The content of one KPI from another will vary as each KPI is set to help analyze a specific process. However, every KPI report will have a final result that is comparable to the set target. Apart from this, every other individual element is specific to each KPI.

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