Accounting Solution for 21st Century by Use of Technology To Its Full Potential

Technology has enabled us in many ways be it our way of communication, the way we work and even bringing to life a lot of things which we thought were impossible a few decades ago. It is with the use of this technology that we are communicating with our global clients in a matter of seconds and then taking forwards with the works of the clients. The world has become a global village it is enabling a lot of companies to reduce its expenses by outsourcing or offshoring their business functions. You can access to our pool of experts at less than quarter price that you will have to pay in developed countries.

And the use of technology is not limited to as a way of communication at Whiz Consulting, and we also use technology in the form of different software that helps us to serve our clients in a better manner. Be it accounting and bookkeeping software or related software like invoicing, forecasting and so on, but we are also well versed with payroll and property management software and e-commerce software. We keep ourselves up to date with all relevant software to help industry-specific businesses. If you are in search for an outsourcing partner for your bookkeeping, accounting, taxation and payroll service your search ends here!

Vision & Mission


We aim to be the first choice of small and medium-sized businesses for their financial outsourcing needs in every geography we work in.


We are committed to providing ongoing value to our customers. We believe in using technology with ethical business practices, in providing solutions that help customers reach their end goal more efficiently and effectively.


We at Whiz Consulting have a set of five values which guide us to achieve our mission and serve our clients with best possible service which has help them grow their business.

Why Choose Us

Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills, both in written and spoken English

Use of Technology

Exploiting the full potential of technology to serve customers across the globe

Qualified Team

Highly qualified CPA, Accountant or Post Graduate in finance experts

Wide Experience

Decade long experience in Bookkeeping, Accounting and Taxation service


Confidence that your crucial financial information is safe and secure


Constant phone and e-mail consultations with our expert team


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