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Accounting and Bookkeeping Problems Faced by Businesses in the Real Estate Industry

US real estate industry contributes a fair share in the economy. While there is scope for business growth in the industry but bookkeeping & accounting for builders & construction industry is complex. Here are some challenges of the construction industry with respect to accounting and bookkeeping faced by businesses in the real estate industry -

Project Accounting

In the builders & construction industries, each individual project can last for long periods and a business generally deals with multiple projects at a time resulting in voluminous data. All this give rise to use of project accounting over and above general accounting.

Payroll Compliance

With different kinds of human resource, you have to deal with different payment duration, different forms to fill out and a lot more. It is a must for a business to make sure all the mandatory payroll process is followed to comply with Federal and State laws.

Property Management Software

Property Management Software helps businesses to track income and expenses while working through agents. And this software data has to be integrated into the main accounting and bookkeeping software.

How Whiz Consulting Help You Tackle Challenges of the Construction Industry?

Accounting and bookkeeping services for real estate businesses is not a simple one, and we at Whiz Consulting understand this thoroughly. With a decade of experience working with real estate agents, organizations & companies we can proudly say that we are well acquainted with every aspect of accounting and bookkeeping in the real estate industry and can perform the same for your business meticulously.

At Whiz Consulting, we are familiar with not just cloud-based bookkeeping software but also property management software Buildium, Yardi and AppFoli, While we are at it, we make it our responsibility to make sure your business is compliant to all law and legislation along with payroll processing regulations. You can fully focus on your core activity while our experts tackle your accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and taxation functions.

Real Estate Bookkeeping and Accounting Services We offer at Whiz Consulting

Why Hire Whiz Consulting for your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs?

As a business in the Real Estate Industry, your core function is to deal with property management and construction and not accounting, bookkeeping or taxation. Whiz Consulting understand the same and also understand that accounting is also a vital function that cannot be neglected. So, we provide Accounting and Bookkeeping for Real Estate Industry in the US that helps the business in grow their business while having the confidence that their business functions are well taken care of. Here are a few other important reasons why you should hire us -


Our team is updated with all the required law and legislations to make sure that our clients do not face any compliance issue related to payroll, taxation, and other federal & state laws.

Decade long Experience

Having dealt with the real estate industry for over a decade, we understand industry-specific requirements very well, allowing our team to streamline your bookkeeping and accounting systems.


You can save up to 50% cost compared to hiring an in-house professional accountant or local accountant, while you will get access to a long list of accounting and bookkeeping services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Having dealt with Real Estate, Building and Construction businesses based in the US for some time now, we have a good number of satisfied clients that we have been working with on an ongoing basis.

Limitless Consultation

We provide unlimited phone and e-mail consultations with experienced professionals, and we can modify a plan for you based on your exclusive business needs.

Customise service and report

We provide customized services and reports to match your business needs, be it specific report or particular timeline, you choose what you need, and we deliver the same to you.


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