Accounting and Bookkeeping Challenges face by
the Media and Marketing Industry’s Business

The media & marketing industry is thought of as an industry that is fun with the agency culture and working with different brands, especially by those not belong to the sector. But what most people fail to see is that it is one of the most demanding industries, from handling multiple clients and projects to making sure their clients’ products and services are most sought. People in marketing, digital marketing and advertising agencies are working day and night to meet deadlines. While building a brand reputation for clients, most businesses end up forgetting about its vital function. To some up, here are a few of the challenges faced by the Media and Marketing Industry are -

Accounts Receivable

In the media and marketing industry, there is a significant issue related to accounts receivable. Clients’ payment, in general, is due for a long period. And for the business, it becomes negligent while trying to cope with the workload and some clients who are not diligent with payments.

Clients’ Cost

Every individual client has different costs and budgets, and at times, a specific fund is invested to the third party for services like data, media buying, etc. When there are many clients and numerous projects, business tends to mix up of funds, which is not ideal as it might cause fluctuation in a client’s budget.


The industry relies heavily on freelancers and interns also there are full-time employees as well. During Payroll Processing, one must consider provisions related to these types of employment and make sure to comply with Federal and State laws.

How does accounting services for media marketing by Whiz Consulting Help?

We at Whiz Consulting provides the best media marketing accounting services which add value to the marketing and media business. The media and marketing industry is complex; however, if a business outsources its non-core business activity like accounting & bookkeeping function, the business can focus on performing core tasks and increasing overall efficiency. And one can achieve all these without struggling to adjust time and attention between business’ non-core tasks and serving clients.

Our bookkeeping for digital marketing agencies, media & marketing companies is great to tackle the accounting challenges of this industry. The accounting services for media marketing is specialized designed for cater to media & marketing companies need. Digital marketing agency accounting needs have also gotten complex in the past few years, considering agencies are providing a wide range of services to voluminous clients. Our services will allow you to manage your and your clients’ funds efficiently, helping you avoid any issue with clients. Our bookkeeping and accounting service will provide you with the opportunity to scale up your business.`

We at Whiz Consulting provide online accounts receivable services that allow you to be stress-free about clients’ payments and need not worry about bad debts. Along with many other services, we also provide an online payroll service, which will make it easy to perform payroll processing for all forms of employment, be it full-time, part-time, freelancers, interns, or contractual employees.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services We offer For Media & Marketing Industry

Why Choose Whiz Consulting for your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs?

Whiz Consulting has been providing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in the US for Media and Marketing Industry for an extended time now. We have in-depth knowledge of how it works. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Bookkeeping and Accounting services from Whiz Consulting-

Reduction in cost

A full-time bookkeeper or accountant expert for accounting and bookkeeping is a huge investment of both time and money. Our service in comparison is available at at least 70% less cost.


We have experience of over a decade along with technical know-how of requirements specific to the media and marketing industry. Our team is dedicated in streamlining bookkeeping and accounting for a marketing company.


We ensure your business doesn’t commit any non-compliance. We make sure of this as we are well acquainted with accounting principles as well as existing rules and regulations prevailing in the industry.

Business Growth

Our accounting services in the media and marketing industry can help your business set apart from the crowd and grow to its potential as we take care of your vital function so that you can focus on your core function.


With our service, you can avail limitless phone and e-mail consultations with experienced bookkeeping and accounting professionals, thus helping you make use of a customized plan based on your exclusive business needs.

Consistent Report

With our detailed financial reports consisting of all financial information, you can take a strategic financial decision for better marketing agency cash flow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Like any other business, marketing agencies also have numerous services related to their operations. Some of those services or aspects of the marketing agencies that are important for accounting purposes are:
• Budgeting- Marketing agencies deal with numerous projects, contracts, campaign biddings, and project prospects, and all these involve substantial expenses. It makes budget planning and forecasting important for the firm.
• Performance indicators- It is important to calculate and manage the key performance indicators like CLV (Client Lifetime Value), EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization), and MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). They help in assessing the performance of the firm and make business strategies.
• Basic accounting functions- The basic accounting functions include bookkeeping, payroll process, financial statements preparations, and tax filing.
• Cashflow of marketing agencies- Cash flow affects the operations and profitability of the marketing firm.
Accounting helps in identifying whether the marketing campaigns are successful or not. A successful campaign adds to the cash inflow or revenue of the firm. Accounting also enables the marketing firms to prepare budgets based on the financial records. These budgets are used to compare with the actual operating results and help determine the profitability of the transactions. Budget planning is also helpful in making business decisions for the firm's future.
Tracking the expenses is essential to determine the profitability of a marketing firm, and a budget plays a vital role in monitoring money spent. Some points to keep in mind while tracking the expenses include:
• Align the marketing budget with the expense trend of the firm
• Democratize the team spending, meaning allow numerous or all team members to spend the money on business requirements. But, centralize the control by allocating budgets and giving one person the responsibility to ensure all work is done within that and manage the expenses
• Create an attribution model that allows for tracking the success of marketing activities and compares them side by side. Using KPIs to measure progress and performance is also an important part of this process.
• Embrace the rules set while planning the budget but make sure to leave some room for flexibility as not everything goes the way one wants all the time
• Investing in tools and budgeting templates helps prepare budgets and efficiently track the expenses by following the template and its guidelines.

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