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Accounting and Bookkeeping Challenges face by Businesses
in the Media and Marketing Industry

People have this notion that the Media & Marketing industry is fun with the agency culture and working with different brands, and so on. But what people fail to see and what people in the industry are struggling with is handling multiple clients and projects. Digital marketing agency, marketing agency, advertising agencies work day and night to make sure their clients’ product and services are most sought. But these tasks take up most of the time and attention of a media and marketing business owner. While building a brand reputation for clients, an organisation ends up forgetting about its vital function.

Few of the challenges faced by the Media and Marketing Industry are -

Accounts Receivable

One of the major advertising agency accounting issues is the accounts receivable. There are times where the clients’ payment is due for a long period. With the number of clients, the media organisation is dealing it at times end up neglecting its account receivable. And sometimes it is clients who are not diligent with payments.

Clients’ Cost

According to the type of service offered by the media and marketing agency, there are times when a specific fund is invested to the third party for services like data, media buying and so on. With the high number of clients, there are chances of mixing up of funds which is not ideal as it might cause fluctuation in a client’s budget.


When we talk about payroll in the media and marketing industry, one must understand that the industry relies highly on freelancer and intern. And so, one must be aware of these provisions, and while you are at it, you must comply with Federal and State laws. So, the payroll process is quite cumbersome.

How Whiz Consulting Help You Tackle these Issues?

Whiz Consulting provides the best accounting & bookkeeping services for the marketing and media industry, which adds value to your business. While media and marketing are intricate industry but if non-core business activity like accounting & bookkeeping can be outsourced the business can focus on performing core task and can increase overall efficiency without struggling to adjust time and attention between business’ non-core task and serving clients.

We provide online accounts receivable services that allow you to be stress-free about clients’ payment. Once an account receivable system is in place, you need not worry about bad debts.

We also provide online payroll service, which will relieve you from the menial task of recording, maintaining and payments of different types of employees be it full-time, part-time, freelancers, interns, or contractual employees.

Whiz consulting also allows you to manage your and your clients’ fund efficiently, helping you to avoid any issue with clients. Our bookkeeping and accounting service will provide you with the opportunity to scale up your business.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services We offer For Media & Marketing Industry

Why Choose Whiz Consulting for your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs?

We at Whiz Consulting has been providing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Australia for Media and Marketing Industry and have in-depth knowledge of how it works. If you are looking for Bookkeeping and Accounting services, here is why you should choose us -

Reduction in cost

Hiring a full-time bookkeeper or accountant expert for accounting and bookkeeping will cost you 70% more as compare to hiring our service where you will have a pool of resource under one roof.

Decade long Experience

With the experience of over a decade and technical know-how of industry-specific requirements, our team will streamline accounting for a marketing company and upsurge overall productivity and lower down the taxes.


Our team are well familiar with the accounting principles, standards, law and regulation prevailing in the marketing industry. Also, we keep up to date with any new law and regulations to help your business stay compliant.

Business Growth

Our accounting services in the media and marketing industry can help your business set apart from the crowd and grow to its potential as we take care of your vital function so that you focus on your core function


We provide limitless phone and e-mail consultations with experienced bookkeeping and accounting professionals, and we can modify a plan for you based on your exclusive business needs.

Consistent Report

Regularly view detailed financial reports of all the financial information. These reports help you in taking a strategic financial decision which is needed for better marketing agency cash flow.

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