Time to Shift To Cloud-Based Accounting Software

The bookkeeping & accounting process is tedious and requires some hand-holding if you want to achieve your financial goals in a shorter period. Accounting software can be of great help to help reduce time and errors in your accounting and bookkeeping process. However, another advancement, cloud-based accounting software, is allowing business to level up their accounting process. It is the new age accounting software that is more efficient as well as convenient. Many businesses have already opted for cloud-based accounting software and taken full advantage of this software. If you still haven’t shifted to cloud-based accounting software, now is the time to do so.

Cloud-based accounting software has allowed business owners to streamline their business’s accounting process at the tip of their fingertips without the need for you to sit in front of a desktop. You no longer need to transfer files from one place to another nor hassle checking your financial information. It is right there at the tip of your fingertip with just the help of any internet-enabled device, be it mobile or tablet.

We at Whiz Consulting allow businesses to take full advantage of cloud-based accounting software, thus helping business owners to keep track of their finances anytime they want. Cloud-based accounting software has enabled us to reduces the time required to communicate any information to clients. The use of cloud-based bookkeeping for small businesses has enabled us to enhance the bookkeeping process for our clients. Our cloud-based bookkeeping services use the best cloud-based accounting software, ensuring efficiency without compromising security. We use cloud-based accounting software for almost all our clients, and we have taken full advantage of the software and helped to streamline the accounting and bookkeeping process for our clients.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Quick Decision Making

You can make strategic financial decisions in lesser time as you have access to crucial financial information at the tips of your fingers

Data Security

You no longer have to worry about data loss as all your critical financial records are stored in the cloud

Ease of Collaboration

It can be accessed by multiple users in real-time, making it easier to work simultaneously and reduce confusions

Work Remote

You are no longer constrained to work from any geographical location. You can work from anywhere and anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

No more Regular Updates

You no longer have to purchase or install the updates as every change in tax and legislation is implemented regularly on the back end.

Third-Party Integrations

There are multiple third-party app integrations that can enhance your overall business operation.

Services We Provide at Whiz Consulting

We at Whiz Consulting take pride in helping clients with cloud-based accounting software in New York, Texas, California or any other state in the US. We have used cloud-based accounting software for small businesses as well as large businesses. We help our clients in with -

Selecting ideal cloud-based accounting software

We analyze your unique requirements and help in selecting the ideal cloud-based accounting software

Set-Up Process

We assist you with the set-up of cloud-based accounting software as well as help with optimal utilization of the software

Migration Process

We also help you to migrate from your existing accounting software to cloud-based accounting software or from one cloud-based accounting software to another

Cloud-Based Accounting We Make Used Of

Why Hire Whiz Consulting?


Team of qualified and experienced accountants


Competitive pricing with the assurance of the finest quality delivery

Financial control:

Enhanced financial control over the financial statements

Privacy and Safety:

We make sure that the privacy and safety of your data is maintained


Reduction in accounting and administrative expenditure


In compliance with the regulatory legislations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cloud-based accounting software is accounting software that is hosted on a remote server. It has all the same functionality as desktop accounting. However, it has the advantage of where your accounting is processed in the cloud. This makes your financial data accessible anytime, anywhere with the help of the internet.
In cloud-based accounting software, financial data is accessible anywhere & anytime. Your financial data is centralized and stored in the cloud, where it is secure. Your data then can be shared securely without the fear of losing control. Also, the data is back up continuously to ensure updated data.
Cloud accounting software is as safe as any other accounting software. Opting for the best cloud-based accounting software has high-level security measures ensuring your data is safe.

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