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Shift To Cloud-Based Accounting Software From Traditional Accounting Software

Accounting software is a great way to reduce your accounting and bookkeeping process burden. It helps businesses to reduce time while increasing the efficiency of the record-keeping process. There are many advancements in this software, and the introduction of cloud-based accounting software is by far the most useful upgrade we have had. Cloud-based accounting is more efficient as well as convenient as compared to traditional desktop accounting software. With cloud-based accounting, you are no longer required to sit in front of a desktop to know your financial position anymore. You can extract your financial information anytime and anywhere as far as you have an internet connection. Most cloud-based accounting support mobile and tablet devices allowing you to access your accounting data even on the go.

We at Whiz Consulting provide our accounting services with the help of the best cloud-based accounting software. Cloud-based accounting software has been a great benefit as it reduces the time required to communicate any information to clients. We no longer need to contact our clients every day for small information. Cloud-based accounting software has enabled us to provide online accounting services to our clients in a seamless manner. We use the best cloud-based accounting software for UK-based businesses. We take full advantage of the software and help streamline our clients' accounting and bookkeeping processes.

Why opt for Cloud-Based Accounting Software?

Secure Data

Your financial data is secure and you will never lose your critical financial records as the same is stored in the cloud

Faster Decision Making

The decision-making process is fast-tracked as you get easy access to crucial financial information instantly

Work anytime & anywhere

You are no longer restricted by geographical location or the need for a desktop as you can work from anywhere and anytime.

Third-Party Integrations

Multiple third-party app integrations are available that can enhance your overall business operation


Multiple users work on your accounting process, making collaboration easy and letting you work simultaneously without confusions

Updated Accounting Process

Any change on tax and legislation are implemented regularly, without the need to purchase or install the updates

Services We Provide at Whiz Consulting

We at Whiz Consulting take pride in helping clients with the best cloud-based accounting software in UK. We make use of cloud-based accounting software for small business as well as larger businesses. We have worked with businesses belonging to different industries. We help our clients in with -

Selecting the ideal accounting software

Our experts analyse your requirements and help in selecting the right cloud-based accounting software

Set-Up Your Accounts in the Software

Our team of professional bookkeepers and accountants will guide you right from the set-up of cloud-based accounting software and assist with optimal utilisation of the software

Migrating Your Accounting Data

We also help our clients in-migration from your existing accounting software to cloud-based accounting software or from one cloud-based accounting software to another

Cloud-Based Accounting We Make used for our UK based Clients

Why Hire Whiz Consulting?


Team of qualified and experienced accountants


Competitive pricing with the assurance of the finest quality delivery

Financial control:

Enhanced financial control over the financial statements

Privacy and Safety:

We make sure that the privacy and safety of your data is maintained


Reduction in accounting and administrative expenditure


In compliance with the regulatory legislations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cloud-based accounting software or online accounting software is accounting software that is hosted on a remote server. It has all the same functionality as desktop accounting but with the advantage that your accounting is processed in the cloud, making your financial data accessible anytime, anywhere with the help of the internet.
The key feature of cloud-based accounting software is that the financial data is accessible anywhere & anytime. The data is centralised and stored in the cloud. Your data is secured and can be shared securely without the fear of losing control. Also, the data is back up continuously to ensure updated data. Cloud-based accounting software allows you to work online and offline, allowing you to take advantage of both.
If you opt for the best cloud-based accounting software, they all have high-level security measures ensuring your data is safe. In any case, data stored on cloud-based software is much safer than traditional software as traditional software is prone to system failure and similar issues.

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