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QuickBooks Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

If you are on the lookout for the best accounting bookkeeping software that fits your Small and Medium enterprise, Intuit QuickBooks is the right choice for you. It manages sales and expenses while tracking day to day business transactions, like paying bills, maintaining inventory, or invoicing customers. It has a simple UI/UX that automates manual tasks that are otherwise tangled within the accounting and bookkeeping process, which minimises errors and increases efficiency.

With Intuit QuickBooks's cloud-based accounting, you can manage your finances anywhere, thus helping run your small business seamlessly. QuickBooks offers two different types of accounting software in the United Kingdom –

1. QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software suite that encompasses all your business accounting needs. It is targeted at small businesses and allows you to manage your finance from anywhere with the help of any device, be it computers, tablets, or smartphones.
Also, there are two add-on plans for QuickBooks Online that assist in payroll.

2. QuickBooks Self Employed: QuickBooks Self Employed is for self-employed individuals who might not be VAT registered but needs to track income and expenses for the tax return process. It is best suited for Sole Traders, freelancers and self-employed individuals as it helps to sort your personal finance and business finance. This plan has the following feature –

With QuickBooks cloud accounting, you can run your small business effortlessly on the cloud and manage your finances anywhere. We at Whiz Consulting provide QuickBooks accounting services for Australian small businesses. We assist businesses to increase efficiency by helping cut down on vital yet non-core tasks like accounting and bookkeeping.

Why Choose QuickBooks Online for your Accounting and Bookkeeping Needs


Quick invoice creation and sharing

Track of Income & Expenses

Precise income and expense tracking

Tax Compliance

Prepare and submit VAT in line with HMRC's Making Tax Digital rules.


Swift payslip creation while staying on top of PAYE, NI, etc.

Accepting Payment

Online payment options for customers that enable faster cash inflow.


Swift report creation that helps in budgeting and forecasting

QuickBooks Online Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Provided by Whiz Consulting

Whether you are an existing QuickBooks user and wanting to choose QuickBooks as your business's accounting software, we at Whiz Consulting will provide you with the best QuickBooks Online service. Our QuickBooks analysts and accounting experts will make sure to optimally utilise the software to fit your accounting and bookkeeping needs.
We are providing the following QuickBooks Accounting services –

Usage of QuickBooks in Different Industries

It is not just the construction industry that gets benefited from QuickBooks Online. Different industries also use QuickBooks for their bookkeeping and accounting needs. We at Whiz Consulting constantly provide QuickBooks Online accounting and bookkeeping solutions to major industries, to name a few -

Why Whiz Consulting for QuickBooks Online


The service we provide and the cost of availing QuickBooks subscription together is quite affordable compared to any other alternative.

Experience and Expertise

Team of experts with vast experience who will assist you in setting up, migrating, or utilising QuickBooks Online.

Boundless Support

We provide boundless support through phone and e-mail. You can connect with us for any support related to QuickBooks or queries related to our service.

QuickBooks Plan

QuickBooks Online is available in three tiers for small business customers. There is no contract, so that you can cancel your plan anytime. You must note though once you select a plan, you can upgrade your plan, but you cannot downgrade or return to a lower plan. So, it would be best if you choose your plan wisely.

Simple Start

A plan best suited for new and existing small businesses alike allows you to add one user. This monthly subscription is limited to:

  • Making Tax Digital for VAT submissions
  • SmartScan™ error checker for VAT
  • Unlimited pay-enabled invoicing
  • Multiple banks & credit card connections
  • Income & expense management
  • Cash flow planner
  • Snapped, sorted & stored receipts
  • Mileage tracking
  • Reporting
  • CIS calculations
  • Free UK phone support

A plan that is perfect for growing small business that allows you to add up to 3 users. It includes all the features from the Simple Start as well as:

  • Bills & payments management
  • Multi-currencies supported

A plan best fitted for well-established small businesses with more complex accounting allows you to add up to 5 users. It includes all the features from the Simple Start and Essentials plans, as well as:

  • Stock management
  • Employee time tracking
  • Project profitability tracking
  • Budgeting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QuickBooks is one of the popular online accounting used in the UK. It is online accounting software that is focused mainly on small and medium-sized businesses. Their plan is built in a manner that will suit businesses of every size. They also have plans for self-employed individuals.
As the name suggests, QuickBooks Small Business is meant for small businesses, and QuickBooks Self-Employed is intended for self-employed individuals. The bookkeeping and accounting needs for these two entities are very different. Both plans have quite a lot of differences. While QuickBooks Small Business is costlier than QuickBooks Self-Employed but it has extra features. At the same time, QuickBooks Self-Employed has the feature of tracking mileage.
While QuickBooks has plans that can fit all business sizes, the Simple Start plan and Essentials plan is best if you are just starting. It is important to understand your business requirement and then check the features of each plan. The best bet here is to talk to professional QuickBooks accounting services providers and seek their advice on selecting a plan.

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