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Accounting and Bookkeeping Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry in the United Kingdom is known for having one of the best healthcare systems globally. If you have business in the healthcare industry, you already know how to provide better healthcare services to the nation. What you start neglecting is your business's financial health. Healthcare Industry is also not exempted from obstacles concerning accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and so forth, like every other business. A few of the challenges faced in accounting for medical practices in regards to accounting are -


Hiring an in-house professional accountant is not a viable option as you might find it difficult to hire someone with experience and expertise in medical practice accounting. And additionally, they might not be able to apply standard costing procedures for setting a value for the product and services offered at your organisation. 


Accounting in healthcare is a non-core function. Its primary function is to provide the best medical service. And so, there comes a time when your organisation is negligent about law and legislation specific to bookkeeping and accounting, after which you end up committing non-compliance.

Big data

Medical practices and the health care industry is a sector where the data that needs to be recorded daily is voluminous. It becomes necessary to set a proper system in place, and this will allow every medical practice and health care business to record these data efficiently.

Healthcare Accounting Services By Whiz Consulting

Whiz Consulting is dedicated to providing the best in class bookkeeping & accounting in healthcare industry. We have extended experience with management accounting & financial accounting in healthcare industry, and we have provided accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and payroll processing services through our expert team. Our team of professional accountants and bookkeepers applies their in-depth knowledge of the sector to set your medical practice up for financial success.

Accounting & bookkeeping for medical practices is a crucial function and must be conducted with attention to detail, and this consumes much time. We provided customised professional medical bookkeeping and accounting services to overcome this problem, allowing your business to increase productivity and improve client service.

We have a team of professional accountants for the healthcare industry who have provided accounting services for the healthcare industry and various sectors like Old Age Caring, Healthcare, Franchising, and much more. We have conducted accounting for hospitals, Clinics, Individual Doctors, and more. We make use of best-specialised accounting software for hospitals and medical care organisations. We also use additional software apart from accounting software for medical practices according to the level of complexities your business faces. We offer services that will help you deal with voluminous bookkeeping and complex accounting.

Keep your mind burden-free from the complex function of accounting and bookkeeping and focus on your core function to provide the best healthcare service while we provide excellent service that matches the complex nature of the industry.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services We offer for Healthcare Industry

Why Choose Whiz Consulting for Healthcare Accounting Services?

Whiz Consulting has conducted accounting for hospitals and other healthcare providers in the United Kingdom to every type of organisation irrespective of its scale of operation. With your accounting and bookkeeping function is in place, you can conduct your business focusing fully on the core function. So, if you are looking for Accounting and Bookkeeping services, here is why you should choose us -


We are there to make sure that your healthcare organisation doesn't commit any non-compliance. Be it accounting principles and existing rules and regulations prevailing to the industry, at Whiz Consulting, and we are well familiar with these norms. We take care of compliance so you can focus on your business activity.

Decade long Experience

Our experts, with the experience of over a decade and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and understanding of specific requirements, will help you streamline your bookkeeping and accounting systems, increase productivity and lower down taxes.


A professional accountant as a full-time employee can be a not so cost-effective idea for small or medium enterprises. Our bookkeeping and accounting service will help you cost-effectively perform your accounting activities while not compromising the quality of service.

Business Growth

While we take care of your vital function, you can focus on your core function, thus helping you bring scalability and experience to grip the bookkeeping and accounting needs of the business.

Boundless Consultation

Once you avail our service, you will access unlimited phone and email consultations with our experts. Our experts consist of bookkeeping and accounting professionals who will provide customised service per your exclusive business needs.

Consistent Report

Regularly detailed reports or customised reports are presented. This enables businesses to maintain their financial status or grow the business. The report will act as a financial health check-up.

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