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Project Accounting for UK Businesses

What is project accounting, and what are its scopes? As simple as it sounds, it is accounting for an individual project that an organisation takes on. In specific industries, operational activities are performed on a project basis, where the need for Project Accounting exists. Financial transactions related to managing a project, including costs, billing, and revenue, all come under the scope of Project Accounting. Project managers extensively use project accounting to inform them of the status of direct costs, overhead costs, and any revenues in a specific project. Financial reports are generated by using these figures by project accountants with the help of project accounting software. Project managers then use these reports to determine if they need to adjust their budget and work breakdown structure.

How does project accounting differ from standard accounting? Standard cloud accounting deals with accounting for a company, usually on regular intervals like quarterly or annually. Traditional business accounting considers all expenses, revenues, budgets across an organisation, and every project it undertakes. Project accounting, whereas explained earlier, is just concerned with financial transactions related to managing a project, including costs, billing, and revenue. It is performed on a project-by-project basis.

In the absence of project management accounting software, project accounting can becomes tedious for business owners. However, just using project management accounting software does not solve all problems. You need an expert who can work on project accounting software and use it to its maximum potential. We at Whiz Consulting provide project accounting services to UK-based businesses assist them in managing their projects efficiently. Our experienced accountants help businesses and assist them with project accounting, achieving positive results for each project and business overall. Whether your business is based in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and any other place in the United Kingdom, we can help you with your project accounting needs.

Areas where Projecting Accounting is of Use:

With our wide experience in project accounting at Whiz Consulting, we provide project-based accounting for various UK-based industries. Also, our experts have been performing project accounting for a long period and delivered successfully for all our clients. Areas where project accounting is widely used and is an important feature of accounting:

Real Estate Project
Construction Project
IT Project
Exhibition or Event

What Tools are used for Project Accounting?

At Whiz Consulting, we manage the revenue and cost of a project by using the following popular accounting software -

The above accounting software has many features which are helpful in Project Accounting. Few features are -
  • Consolidate invoices, expenses, and transactions of individual projects
  • Keep tabs on cost & time invested
  • Ability to view outstanding and unbilled work
  • Estimation of tasks and tracking budget with ease
  • Running the profitability reports check the margins, and tracking the cost and revenue of each project
  • Avoid duplication of work while monitoring the revenue and cost for a project simultaneously while accounting for a company as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Project management accounting is a branch of accounting that is concerned with the accounting of projects. It helps businesses who work on a project basis to streamline their finance. Project accounting takes care of activities involving a project, from project cost estimation to day-to-day financials.
Project accounting is an integral function for businesses working on multiple projects. Project accounting helps businesses manage costs, billing, and revenue for individual projects, allowing them to get the best result in each project. It also allows troubleshooting any activity that will impact the final revenue of the project.
Project accounting is rigorously used in construction, real estate, event management, marketing agencies, IT, and similar industries. It enables to track and analysis of the financial movement of individual projects, which is a key element of these industries.

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