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Payroll Services for Effective & Efficient Organisational Human Resource Management

Calculating and processing the payment of the total amount a company needs to pay to employees, taxes, and other benefits are all part of the Payroll process. The employees must be paid timely, accurately, and operate PAYE, but it often becomes tedious for small and medium businesses. At times businesses end up paying wrong amounts due to lack of time and often lack of knowledge. This might lead to employee dissatisfaction and penalties from the government. Payroll processing is a time-consuming activity, from mapping timesheets to preparing employee payslips, salary, bonuses and allowances, national insurance, pension contributions, and so forth.

Hiring outsourced payroll service providers who can handle your payroll proficiency is the best solution to all payroll management issues. Payroll management services are a great way to enhance your productivity while ensuring your payroll is processed without hindrance. Whiz Consulting is one of the best outsourced payroll providers in UK. We provide cost-effective and scalable outsource payroll services for UK businesses and transform the payroll processing administration for your business. We will assist you in setting up a payroll management system that is perfect for your organisation while ensuring compliance with the relevant authority.

Challenges Face in Payroll Processing


Processing payroll is a tedious process whether performed manually or by use of a computer. Chances of error are relatively high if payroll is processed by fast-tracking without paying attention to details.


There are a lot of deductions, and additionally, there is HMRC compliance which is mandatory. We make sure there is no issue regarding compliance like these and be updated with any changes in these compliances.


With payroll processing done weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis depending on company requirement, there is so much to be recorded while also maintaining past records.


There are payroll frauds that people in an organisation can commit that will impact the organisation, like ghost employees, falsified wages and commission, or even fake insurance claims.

Dedicated Team

Payroll processing does not generally have a department of its own and is handled by the HR department, collaborating with the Finance department.

Costly Process

Payroll processing involves massive cost implications whether you are investing in the payroll system or hiring in-house resources, but the absence of either one will reduce overall payroll processing efficiency.

Online Payroll Services at Whiz Consulting

We at Whiz Consulting as an outsourced payroll service provider, take it upon ourselves to offer you the following services –

Payroll Process For UK Business

Setting up a System

We set up a system according to your schedule, and then we prepare a calendar with relevant dates.

Sharing of Data

Important data and timesheets are shared through email or via cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Processing of Data

Based on your inputs, we calculate gross pay, deductions, net pay, superannuation and so forth.


We process all employee payments through a batch file which is sent to the Bank for upload.

Review, Follow Up and Revisions

We review the activities at constant intervals, ask for your feedback and make revisions wherever required.

How would you benefit from the Online Payroll Services by Whiz Consulting?

With Whiz Consulting's outsource payroll service, you obtain dozens of benefits from the highly trained team just like other businesses. Over a thousand pay slips are processed every month at Whiz Consulting, and so you can also be assured that you are paying accurately to employees in compliance with the government norms. Some other benefits of choosing Whiz Consulting for your Payroll Service are -

  • Decade long experience for all sizes of businesses in the United Kingdom
  • Increased confidence in the accuracy of payroll
  • Relief that employees will be paid correctly, on time, every time
  • Confidence about security and confidentiality of sensitive payroll information
  • Assurance that your payroll processing function is compliant with legislation across multiple jurisdictions
  • Customised to the need of the client’s requirements
  • Increased efficiency of payroll systems, controls, and processes

Payroll Management Services in the United Kingdom

We at Whiz Consulting have been providing payroll services in the United Kingdom for a decade now. We offer an affordable way to take away the payroll burden by providing a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to the internal payroll processing system. For a business, it is essential to understand the payroll process – pay calculation, pension provision, deduction, pay slip generation, tax return preparation, tax calculation, and timely tax payment. And these are best left in the hands of experts.

Having provided payroll services in UK, we understand the current legislation and requirements of each jurisdiction. If you require payroll services in the United Kingdom, you can outsource payroll service for your business with us as we have experience of processing payroll for small businesses to large businesses in the UK. In addition to this, we have experts who are very well acquainted with payroll processing in the UK. If you search for outsourced payroll service, Whiz Consulting is your go-to online payroll service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Payroll outsourcing services are the services that help you deal with the payroll management process. Payroll outsourcing services help tackle your payroll process without the need to hire an internal payroll management team. Everything from mapping timesheets to preparing employee payslips, a outsource payroll services provider will help you deal with all of it. Payroll is a time-consuming and complex process, and thus it is best handled by experts to focus on your core business activity.
There are many benefits of outsourcing payroll. Outsourced payroll is a great way to improve your business productivity while focusing on your core business activity. Outsourcing will allow the payroll service providers to do the heavy lifting task of payroll. You don't have to worry about accuracy or late processing, thus increasing your overall productivity.
Human resource is one of the essential resources of a business, so the quality of payroll services has to be the best. Paying your employee on time without any mistake is very important. If your payroll service providers are not efficient enough, your business will face employee dissatisfaction and even penalties.

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