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Accounting and Bookkeeping Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry is an important sector and plays a significant role in the public well-being of a country. While the Australian medical practices industry is continuously striving towards the nation's health, what it ends up lacking is its financial health. You might be a medical professional, medical practice firm or even someone who wants a piece of the glorified industry. But it is no different from other industries when it comes to taxation, bookkeeping, or accounting in the healthcare industry. A few of the challenges in regards to accounting and bookkeeping for medical practices are–


While an in-house professional accountant does not have to be someone who has full knowledge and experience of medical practice accounting, they need to apply the standard costing procedure of the industry to set a value for the product and services offered at your organisation.


Medical practice accounting and bookkeeping is a non-core function for healthcare firms, medical practices firms and hospitals, and so on, and it entirely focuses on providing the best medical service. It might be challenging to keep up with new regulations with a growing business, ending in non-compliance.

Big data

Australian medical practices and health care industry is among one such sector where the volume of data on a day to day basis is voluminous. And so, it is a necessity for every medical practice and health care business to set a proper system in place that allows them to record these data efficiently.

Customised Accounting & Bookkeeping Services by Whiz Consulting

We at Whiz Consulting provide best in class healthcare accounting services. We have over four years of experience working closely with the healthcare industry. We have rendered accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and payroll processing services through our professional accountants, who, with their in-depth knowledge of the sector, set your medical practice up for financial success.

Accounting in the medical field requires attention to detail, and it is quite a time-consuming process. To overcome this, we provided tailor-made professional healthcare bookkeeping services and healthcare accounting services. Our services will help you to streamline your business finance for better productivity and better client service.

We have a team of professional accountants for the healthcare industry who have worked for various sectors within the industry, including Old Age Caring, Healthcare, Franchising, etc., and they are working continuously for organisations, be it Clinics, Hospitals, Individual Doctors, and so on. We provide excellent service that matches the industry's intricate nature, right from the massive volume of bookkeeping and data entry to the preparation of Business Activity Statements (BAS) and financial reports.

With our service, you can keep your mind burden free from the complex function of Accounting and Bookkeeping and focus on your core function that is to provide the best healthcare service.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services We offer for Healthcare Industry

Why Choose Whiz Consulting for your Accounting and Bookkeeping?

When your accounting and bookkeeping function is in place, you can conduct your business by focusing entirely on the core function. As a healthcare accounting firm, Whiz Consulting has provided accounting and bookkeeping for Healthcare Industry in Australia to every organisation type irrespective of its scale of operation. If you are looking for accounting and bookkeeping services, here is why you should choose us -

Decade long experience

With the experience of over a decade and technical know-how of healthcare industry-specific requirements, our team will streamline your bookkeeping and accounting systems, upsurge the productivity and lower down the taxes.


Hiring a professional accountant with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and the right fit for your organisation can cost you 70% more than hiring our service. You will have a pool of resources under one roof.


Our team will make sure that your healthcare organisation doesn't commit any non-compliance. We are well familiar with the existing and new rules & regulations prevailing in the industry. 

Business Growth

We take care of your vital function while you take care of your core business function. It helps you to focus on what matters the most, helping you to achieve growth for your business.

Boundless Consultation

We provide unlimited phone and e-mail consultations with experienced professionals helping us to modify a plan for you based on your exclusive business needs.

Consistent Report

Regularly view detailed reports of all the invoices that are processed along with the status of your invoices and reconciliation summary statements

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