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Xero Accounting Software in Australia

Xero, a cloud-based online accounting software, has thoroughly embarked on its footprints in the industry. Many accounting firms daily choose to completely move their clients to Xero accounting software which permits them to work efficiently. It is reachable from mobile devices and desktops and has many 'add-ons', which speeds up accounting associated processes.

We at Whiz Consulting, with the help of Xero Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, cut down on administrative tasks for you and increase the efficiency of your business resulting in enormous benefits in terms of functionality, efficiency and cost savings. With our service, you get access to Xero bookkeepers in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and other parts of Australia.

Your suppliers have to email their invoices to your Xero ID, and from there onwards, we will take care of your accounting. It is not necessary for you to know how to use Xero accounting software, our accountant will take care of that. You can simply check financial reports of Xero accounting software, and you will know that everything is in place. For physical invoices, we can enter them in Xero with the invoices attached. We can also email invoices, send reminders to your debtors, reconcile accounts, set your bank feeds and so forth. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg in the areas where we can maintain your Xero accounting software. With our Xero online accounting software service, you can be sure that your books of accounts are in impeccable condition around the year.


Why Choose Xero for your Accounting and Bookkeeping Needs?

Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Never loses your critical financial records. 

Bank Connection

Information from Bank sent straight to the software.

Invoice Creation

Creation of invoice, sending the same with online payment option.

Inventory Management

Efficiently manage stock for better inventory management.

Third-Party Apps

Support integrations with 800+ business apps.

Support Service

Free 24*7 Online Support.

Xero Accounting Services for Australian Business Provided by Whiz Consulting

We at Whiz Consulting take pride in helping clients with accounting software in Australia. With our specialised team of Xero accounting software analysts and accounting professionals, we manage our clients' back-end operations seamlessly. Our experts are aware of the pros and cons of Xero accounting software and can help you choose the right plan for your business. We have worked with enterprises belonging to different verticals and different levels of project complexities. This is made possible by providing these services –

Accounting Software Xero Usage in Varied Industry

We at Whiz Consulting focus on providing accounting and bookkeeping solutions while keeping in mind the unique requirements of every industry. We have existing Xero users and clients who opted for Xero after proper consulting from our experts and understanding the firm's needs. We provide accounting services online to every industry with having expertise in the below sectors –


Why Whiz Consulting For Xero Online Accounting Service

Real-time view of your cash flow

Quickly categorise your bank transactions as they flow into Xero each day so you can track cash flow and have everything ready at tax time.

Keep watch on business health

See the money coming in and going out daily wherever you are, with easy-to-read charts showing up-to-date figures. 

Get paid faster

Reduce the time to get paid with online invoices that include the pay now button and let Xero chase outstanding payments with automated reminders. 

Xero Plan

Like most subscription-based software packages, Xero has tiered plans. In addition to the base features available to all subscribers, you get more access to some aspects with each step up in price. There is optional add ons as well for each plan.


This basic plan is best suited to small businesses and freelancers alike. This monthly subscription is limited to:

  • Send five invoices & quotes
  • Enter five bills
  • Reconcile 20 bank transactions
  • Payroll for one person

While this plan is perfect for small businesses, it lacks one feature – payroll, which is negligible and the fact that you can not operate in more than one currency. If neither of these features concerns you, then the Standard plan is what exactly will suit you as it is cost-effective. This monthly subscription is limited to:

  • Send unlimited invoices & quotes
  • Enter unlimited bills
  • Reconcile unlimited bank transactions
  • Payroll for two people
Premium 5

While Premium 5 does not cost much more than the Standard package, it offers the fullest access to everything Xero has to offer. But it still provides payroll only for up to five employees. It costs extra to add more capacity to the payroll function. This monthly subscription provides you with:

  • Send unlimited invoices & quotes
  • Enter unlimited bills
  • Reconcile unlimited bank transactions
  • Payroll for up to 5 people
  • Multi-currency functionality

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Xero is cloud-based accounting software built for small businesses. It helps small businesses in managing bookkeeping like invoicing and payroll with the advantage of automating bank feed. Another advantage is that it allows both cash-based and accrual accounting making it easier for you to choose an accounting method to fit your business.
Xero is suitable for all business sizes. While it is built for small and medium businesses, it is used for larger businesses as well. A larger business with relatively fewer complexities can easily make use of Xero without any shortcomings. As the complexities grow, you might have to use third-party integration that will help you tackle specific issues.
First, and foremost Xero is built for small and medium businesses, and so it caters to every need of small and medium businesses. Additionally, you access your financial information wherever you are, whenever you want, saving you time and energy. Being a small business owner, you might be taking care of a lot of tasks, and with the help you Xero, you will have one less thing to worry about.

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