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Automate your Business Finance with Virtual Accountant Service

In today's dynamic world, everything is shifting to digital and with the advancement in technology, there is much development in every sector. And likewise, there is a lot of recent development in the Accounting Sector that benefits every industry. You can find almost everything and anything with few simple keystrokes. And a service that an in-house or your local accountant used to provide has evolved as well and is now available in more accessible form – Virtual Accountant. People in constant search of a new and better way to conduct business might have already heard of this term or might already be using a service from a virtual accountant service provider.

Whiz Consulting has been providing virtual accountant services to Australian businesses for about a decade now. With our virtual accountant service, you can be assured of being served by a team of expert professional accountants, CPAs and experienced bookkeepers. You will get easy access to the critical financial statements you want, and these can be customised to your business and industry needs. This provides your business with more time to focus on your overall business growth.


Our Virtual Accountant Service

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Managing Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory Management & Reconciliation
  • Payroll Preparation & Payments
  • Australian Acounting Standard Compliance
  • Producing Monthly Financial Statements
  • Producing Financial Statements at Department/ Branch/ Geography/ Resource/Customer/Shipment/Product Level
  • Project Based Accounting & Analysis
  • Consolidation of Accounts
  • Ad hoc task
  • PAYG & Superannuation Calculation
  • Preparation and Lodgement of BAS & IAS
  • FBT Lodgement and Calculation
  • Advising Most Effecient Business Tax Structure
  • Preparing and Planning for Taxes of Sole Trader, Partnership, Trust, Company
  • Preparing & Lodging Tax Return
  • Business Setup Assistance and Advise
  • Cash/Revenue/Expense Forecasting
  • Budgeting Quarterly/Annualy
  • Preparing Financial Ratios
  • Developing Industry Specific KPI/MIS Reports
  • Benchmarking & Industry Comparative Analysis
  • Producing Annual Reports
  • Financial Modelling
  • Business Valuation
  • Strategy Meeting on Managing Revenue, Expense & Cash Flow

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Why Hire A Virtual Accountant with Whiz Consulting?

Qualified Human Resource

Team of Certified CA & CPAs or a Master's degree in Finance with a minimum of 3 years of experience

Comply to AASB

Our accountant makes sure to comply with Australian Accounting Standards Boards (AASB) for accounting standards and other tax

Minimum Supervision

We can work independently with minimum supervision and training

Excellent Communication Skills

All our accountants are fluent in both written and verbal English

Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Simplifying complex processes with the power of the right Automation & AI tools


We follow clear and transparent pricing and always adhere to promised timelines.

Decade of experience

We have been helping businesses with their accounting needs for over a decade

Multiple Software Expertise

We are experts in using the most popular accounting tools like MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks, and much more.

Select The Option That Suits You Best


  • Dedicated Bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeping Twice Every Week
  • Highly Experienced Accountant
  • Bank & CC Reconciliation
  • Payables & Receivables Function
  • Payroll Calculation & Tax Payments
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Financial Ratios Reporting
  • Up to 300 Transactions / Month
  • Preparation and Lodgement of BAS
  • Inventory Management and Reconciliation


  • Planning of Taxes
  • Dedicated Bookkeeper
  • Bank & CC Reconciliation
  • Financial Ratios Reporting
  • Budgeting Quarterly / Yearly
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Bookkeeping Thrice Every Week
  • Highly Experienced Accountant
  • Up to 600 Transactions / Month
  • CFO Advisory Once Every Quarter
  • Payables & Receivables Function
  • Payroll Calculation & Tax Payments
  • Inventory Management & Reconciliation
  • Preparation and Lodgement of BAS & FBT


  • KPI Reporting
  • Planning of Taxes
  • Lodging Income Tax Return
  • Full Time Dedicated Bookkeeper
  • Bank & CC Reconciliation
  • Payable & Receivable Function
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Financial Ratios Reporting
  • Up to 1000 Transactions / Month
  • Budgeting Quarterly / Yearly
  • CFO Advisory Every Monthly
  • Cash/Revenue/Expenses Forecasting
  • Payroll Calculation & Tax Payments
  • Inventory Management & Reconciliation
  • Preparation and Lodgement of BAS & FBT
  • Strategic Advice on Managing Revenue, Expenses, Cash Flow
  • Expert Financial Accountant CPA/CA/Post Graduate Finance

Whiz Virtual Accountant Benefits Over In House Accountant


Whiz Virtual



How Does Our Virtual Accountant Service Help Businesses Succeed?

We make your books our responsibility and make sure you have every input on your accounts and business finances right at your fingertips all year round. Our service will allow you to focus on your overall business growth while you help you with your financial planning and financial health. Our reporting expertise is second to none. Our virtual accountant for small businesses might be just what you needed for sound and effective financial planning. Check out our video on how we work with our clients and help them make their business a grand success.

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Our Process

Hire our hassle-free virtual accountant services and take advantage of effective consultation to help set your business up for success.

  • Establish

  • Understanding

  • Work

  • Pricing and

  • Start

Virtual Accountant For Australian Business

We are your trusted accounting firm online. Our accountants have the experience and knowledge of all the popular accounting tools like MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks and many more. If you require accountants in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or any other place in Australia, you can hire a virtual accountant service for your business with us. We will assist you to monitor your business finances without having to visit your accountant's office physically.

We understand the need and requirements for each jurisdiction, so you don't have to hire an individual accountant in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or any other place in Australia if you are operation national. And the same goes for global business. You will have access to virtual accountants in Australia and an expert firm that understands international trade and a pool of experts' expertise in different geography accounting.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A virtual accountant provides all the services provided by a traditional accountant minus the expensive cost of hiring a local accountant or hiring an in-house accountant, which involves long-term cost implications. While your traditional accountants and in-house accountants are available at your service only during regular office hours of about eight to nine hours, virtual accountants are available online anytime and anywhere.
Hiring a virtual accountant can help cut your overhead expense, which is incurred in hiring a full-time accountant. Not only this, but you also save on the cost of buying expensive accounting software. As you eliminate the need to hire an in-house accountant, you also save on time taken in the hiring process while getting rid of the headache of selecting an expert and professional accountant.
Hiring an accountant, be it a virtual accountant or a traditional accountant, is a must if you want to improve your business financial health. An accountant's work for your business is not negligible, and they do more than you think. Whether it is your day to day accounting work or assisting you with strategic financial decision making, an accountant does it all. An expert accountant can help you scale your business to its maximum potential as you focus on your core business activity and while they do the heavy lifting.

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