Data Entry Service For Your Valuable Business Data

The amount of data that a business deals with has also increased exponentially over the last few years. These data, when processed, give the business owner crucial information that helps in different functions of the business. Data entry is like the foundation of any business and has to be performed with finesse. But it consists of essential information, and hence it is required to be recorded and maintained accuracy.

Data entry work is a tedious task and requires a lot of time and attention. You can have either an in-house team or hire an outsource data entry services provider to reduce the workload of the business. It is more efficient to outsource a task like data entry to experts, reducing errors. Data entry outsourcing is not a new concept. Many businesses have outsourced data entry for many decades. Outsourcing data entry process will enable you to take a significant burden off your mind as our expert will manage the data better and ensure accuracy.

Whiz Consulting is one of the best data entry outsourcing companies in USA. We provide our data entry services in New York, Texas, California and other parts of the United States (US). Our experts at Whiz Consulting understands the importance of having accurate data for your business and will take care of your data entry requirement. We ensure accuracy and efficiency, helping you to focus on the activity resulting in overall enhanced productivity.

Data Entry Services we offer at Whiz Consulting

  • Online Data Entry
  • Legal Data Entry
  • Data Entry from images
  • Data Entry of Insurance claims
  • Data mining and warehousing
  • Data capturing and entry services
  • Indexing of PDF documents
  • Retrieval services for indexed documents
  • Warehousing and Data Mining
  • Mailing lists
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data entry from varying database formats
  • Data entry to the internet-based systems from the product catalogues
  • Web-based document retrieval services & support

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Why Hire Whiz Consulting for Your Data Entry Process

With so many data entry companies in the USA, you might wonder why to choose us. We at Whiz Consulting take pride in being a trusted business outsource service provider with an abounding clientele based in the United States (US). We have offered accurate and on-time data entry outsourcing services to several industries and companies in the past and have a long list of existing clientele. Our experts are proficient in working on tools like Excel, Word and so forth. Our highly skilled and experienced team can handle any volume of data entry or/and analysis. You can outsource your data management process to us for data punching, data analysis, and data extraction while you focus on the core business processes.

We hold the skill to handle small, medium-sized, and large enterprises equally expertly. With our experienced and professional data entry team, you will get timely handwritten or printed documents. Our team will convert the data provided and scan the copies into an electronic format. You can be sure to witness a stark increase in your company's performance, and along with it, you will gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Services that help in data transcribing from either written documents or digital documents and organizing the same in a structured manner can be defined as data entry services. Data entry is a vital task for any business, and it can encompass more than just transcribing for a few businesses. Understanding your requirement and hiring the right data entry services according to your need can help you process your data efficiently and accurately.
Data entry can be of various types, and it is primarily dependent on which data is critical for your business and whether these data come in high volume or not. However, a few typical processes which require data entry are - accounting data, product data and payroll data.
Various types of businesses and industries use data entry services. Industries like healthcare, real estate, digital marketing, banking & finance, e-commerce, retail are a few industries that heavily rely on data entry services.

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