Gusto Payroll Service For Your Payroll Needs

Gusto is a web-based payroll software that allows you to run payroll anytime and anywhere. It is software that aims at helping small businesses in taking care of their team. Over 1,00,000 business pay their employees every month. With Gusto, you can be confident that functions like deductions, filing, direct deposits, W-2s, and 1099s are all automated. All these while also taking care of health insurance and other benefits.

Gusto makes your HR department work an easy process with its payroll service. It helps in the hiring and onboarding process for your employee. With Gusto software in place, you don't have to worry about accuracy or compliance. Your employees and contractors log in the hours straight in their account in Gusto, which has to be approved by a manager; all these make the whole process extremely easy and fast. So with Gusto, you can steer clear from the complex and heavy paper load payroll and quickly pay your team withGusto's online payroll.

We at Whiz Consulting provide Gusto payroll service that helps businesses efficiently process payroll using Gusto software. We have payroll experts who will help streamline your payroll alongside your business accounting, allowing you to enhance your overall productivity. We provide our Gusto services to businesses based in the USA and serve businesses in Miami, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and other parts of the US.

Why Choose Gusto for your Business?

Safe and Secure

With Gusto, your sensitive data is secure with multi-factor authentication and advanced encryption

Payroll Filing

Gusto not only calculates your taxes but also files them with the right government agencies

Up to date

Gusto keeps track of any change in tax laws and does all the calculations accordingly

Paper Load

All documents of your team, be it I-9s, W-2s or 1099s, are all signed and stored online.

Direct deposits

Your team can add multiple bank accounts for direct deposit

Integration with Accounting software

You can integrate Gusto with online accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks and FreshBooks

Gusto Software along with Whiz Consulting

WhizConsulting's expert team will help utilised Gusto software to its full potential. Here is how our Gusto service will help you –

Gusto in Various Industries

Different businesses use gusto software in a wide range of industries. At Whiz Consulting, we have utilised Gusto for the following list of industries -

Why Whiz Consulting for Gusto

Decade Long Experience

Our expert has a long experience utilising the Gusto and can guide you to use the same in the best possible manner to improve your payroll processing.

Cost Reduction

We provide effective and affordable accounting and bookkeeping services compared to other outsourced accounting and bookkeeping service providers.

Constant Consultation

Our experts are available for consultation as and when there is any query related to our service and provides assistance in using the software.

Gusto Plan

Gusto has subscription-based software packages, and it has four-tiered plans. Basic is a beta plan at present.


A plan recommended for teams of 1 or 2 with direct deposit in 4 days. Also, you will get full-service payroll in any single state. This plan is limited to:

  • Employee self-service and profilesWorkers' comp administration
  • Paid-time-off policies
  • Best-in-class support

This plan is best suited for smaller teams with direct deposits in 2 days. It includes all of the features from the basic plan as well as:

  • Full-service payroll across all 50 states
  • Employee onboarding tools
  • Accounting and time tracking integrations
  • Payroll on Autopilot®
  • Health benefits administration
  • Employee access to Gusto Cashout™
  • Employee offers and document management

Complete plan is suitable for a bit bigger team where the direct deposit is made the next day itself. It includes all the features of the Core plan along with the following feature:

  • Permissions
  • Employee directory and surveys
  • Time management tools

With the Concierge plan, you get access to certified HR pros and resources along with all the features of the Complete plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Gusto is a complete package for payroll, however it can not handle all your Human Resource Management. While Gusto has features like hiring, onboarding, time tracking, tax deductions, tax filing, direct deposits and more payroll features, it can not replace your human resources information system (HRIS). Humana Resource Management is a broader concept, so Gusto alone can not be used as an alternative to HRIS. However, you can make use of third-party software integration to take full advantage of Gusto.
Gusto software work perfectly fine for small and medium-sized businesses. As a small or medium-sized business, you can use Gusto to its full potential without any glitches.
Yes, you can pay your contractors with the help of Gusto payroll software. Direct payments can be made, and the same is reported on IRS Form 1099 at the end of the year.

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