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Business Advisory Services For Efficient Business Ecosystem

Starting a business has become relatively easy now as compared to a decade ago. However, it does comes with its complexities. To start a business and run it successfully, you must always be on the tip of your toes, not to mention that you must know various factors like licenses, compliance, taxation, regulatory bodies and whatnot. A simple way to tackle this is to partner with a outsource service provider who can provide you with business advisory services.

Business advisory services are useful for both new and existing businesses. While it is easy to overlook the need for business advisory services, access to these services can help you take your business to the next level. You might want to start a business in a new industry, expand to a new territory or grow your business - a business advisory services provider can help you with these without any glitches.

We at Whiz Consulting provide business advisory services to Australian businesses and help them grow to their full potential. Business advisory services are beneficial for small businesses. Small business advisory services is a great way to get access to experts who can help you with every step of the building and running a small business.

What we provide as a part of our Business Advisory Services

At Whiz Consulting, we provide business advisory services to Australian Businesses. We also provide small business advisory services specially targeted to small businesses as we believe that small business is the engine room of the Australian economy. As a business advisory services provider, our motto is to help you implement the right solutions that can help you grow your business to its full potential. Our services are inclusive of –

  • Assisting with compliance for starting a business
  • Assistance in the selection of suitable business structures
  • Guidance related to business licences and permits
  • Ensuring accounting and tax compliance
  • Analysing financial feasibility of a new business idea
  • Assistance in selection of right accounting software
  • Business finance health check
  • Strategic planning to help achieve your business goals
  • Financial management to help reduce financial risk
  • Financial reporting to help understand your current business health
  • Cash flow optimisation to help tackle any challenges and discover opportunities
  • Financial modelling to help analyse every possible opportunity
  • Payroll management for efficient payroll process
  • Assisting in Single Touch Payroll (STP) compliance
  • Guidance in global expansion
  • Exit business strategy

Why Hire Whiz Consulting for Business Advisory Services?

Comprehensive Service

Whether you are starting up, looking for expansion or planning to exit - our services got your cover. No more juggling with multiple outsource partners.

Decade Long Experience

With over a decade of experience behind us, we can help you to get detailed insight and an additional perceptive on any aspect of your business finance.


We make sure every step you take is compliant with respective laws, regulations and authorities. This will enable you to safeguard yourself from any noncompliance.

Tailor-made service

Different businesses have different advisory requirements, and our experts will provide you with services customised to your need.

Experienced Professional

With our experts' vast experience in working with varied industries, we can assist you with advisory service that is in line with the industry need and your own specific need.

Business Growth

We help businesses with the heavy lifting task so they can focus on the core activity allowing the business to grow to its maximum potential.

Business Advisory Services For Australian Business

Whiz Consulting has been providing accounting and bookkeeping services to Australian businesses for a decade now. While delivering the same, we have come across various challenges that, in general, are not a part of the accounting and bookkeeping itself but directly or indirectly impact it. To help tackle these challenges, we introduced the business advisory service. We provide our business advisory services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and other parts of Australia. Additionally, we understood that the necessity of such a service is much higher for small businesses. Therefore, we also have Australian small business advisory services as part of our business advisory services, specifically targeted at small businesses. As we mentioned earlier, our motto is to help you implement the right solutions that can help you grow your business to its full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Business advisory services are services wherein the service provider assists in the decision-making process by providing their knowledge of a particular process they have learned through research, finding and long term experience. In simple words, the service provider who has worked for different businesses of different industries has the proper knowledge that you might lack, considering you are focused only on your business. That being said, you benefit from this same knowledge.
Business advisors can assist you in your business in many ways, from planning to executing business strategies for your business growth. The main motive of business advisors is to make business operations smoother for you. They lend their expertise to areas of business that you need help in.
Having a business advisor with a high level of skill and experience ensure that your business can be prepared for any risk that you might not have foreseen or handle single-handedly. Also, hiring a business advisor can help you to understand your business from a different perspective.

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