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What is a Virtual CFO?

There is a manifold growth in responsibilities that keep adding to your workload with the increase in business. This then leaves gaps in many places in your business process. It also brings the challenge of having expertise on board, but you might not want to hire a full-time CFO because of the financial commitment, risk, or long-term implications. This is where a Virtual CFO comes to your rescue. Virtual CFO is of great advantage to startups as well. Virtual CFOs for startups provide the promoter with the much-needed financial strategic advice while incurring high costs.

Having an outsourced CFO can be very beneficial for small businesses and startups alike. While hiring an outsourced CFO, you must ensure that they are well versed with the financial nitty-gritty of the industry your business belongs to. Also, as the service itself is virtual, you can hire global expertise who provide virtual CFO services in India. Doing so will also enable you to expand your business in different geographical boundaries. Virtual outsourced CFOs tend to have knowledge and experience in finance. If you are searching for a Virtual CFO in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and other cities in India. Whiz Consulting is your go-to outsourced CFO services provider.

At Whiz Consulting, we provide virtual CFO solution, and it can help you with:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Implementing best financial practices for your business
  • Financial Analysis
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Filing
  • Business Valuation
  • Funding Evaluation
  • Business Acquisition & Mergers

Star Qualities of our Virtual CFO

Experts Professional

We have educated & qualified CAs, CPAs, and Master's in finance from an elite educational institute.

Vast Experience

Our experts have a decade of industry experience in accounting & bookkeeping outsourcing services we can prove best in class service.

Vision and Foresight

Our Virtual CFO estimates the possibilities in the future and then provides strategic recommendations to improve the outcome.

Big Picture Thinking approach

Our expert provides guidelines for pricing, the optimal deposit mix, the impact of the cost of funds, and the end goal in mind.

Results-Oriented Mindset

Our Virtual CFOs with a result-oriented mindset focus on getting what needs to get done.

Knowledge Expert in The Field

Our Virtual CFOs are experts in what they do and can help you achieve a better performing finance department.


Our Virtual CFO analyses the best way to reach a goal in case of any internal or external environment change.


Our Virtual CFO is going to be backed by our team of finance & accounting expert and lead your business with our vast financial resources.

Need for Hiring a Virtual CFO in Indian Business

Hiring a Virtual CFO provides your company with strategic advice when your business is ready to move to the next level of growth without the financial commitment or risk.
Few other reasons why you need to hire a Virtual CFO are -

  • Cost-effective, outsourced instead of hiring a full-time employee
  • Highly experienced in accounting & financial function
  • Experience in diverse industry verticals
  • Experience in meeting the funding needs of the business
  • Experience in business planning and execution
  • Experience in implementing best financial practices for business
  • Extensive team leading experience

Our Process

Achieve effective consultation and outsource your bussiness hassle-free with online accounting services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Outsourced CFO services are services that you outsource that are generally conducted by a full-time CFO. Outsourced CFO services provide the same services as a traditional CFO. However, it has many advantages over the conventional CFO. One such benefit is expanding your business globally with their working knowledge and experience of multiple countries' business environments
E Outsourcing CFO services is a great way to get access to expert assistance without incurring the high cost that comes with it. While it is not necessary to hire a virtual CFO, however, to help grow your business to its maximum potential, a virtual CFO will play a key role.
Virtual CFOs can offer a wide range of services for small businesses. However, the primary benefit is to supervise the financial planning, maintain and report on the financial activities while managing the financial risk of the business. Considering that small businesses might not have the budget or skill to fully take advantage of a full-time CFO, a virtual CFO fits the bill perfectly. The cost of hiring a virtual CFO is a fraction of what it is to hire an in-house CFO; additionally, it provides access to the much-needed financial advice needed without the hassle.
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