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Accounts Receivable Service for Enhanced Business Cash Flow

One of the most considerable assets on a balance sheet is Account Receivable. Even though most businesses are aware of its significance, it fails to perform this task efficiently. Businesses are not able to allocate their time and resource efficiently for accounts receivable. Most of the businesses are focused so much on acquiring new customers and then delivering the product and services to the customer that they end up spending a significant chunk of time and effort on the same. They end up neglecting to collect the receivables, which might cause an obstruction in the cash flow and can result in causing debts for the company.

Long due accounts receivables can turn into bad debts, which is not desirable for businesses. While it is good to receive payments immediately, this is not possible for every industry due to the credit period existing in every industry. So, appropriate accounts receivable management is crucial, which will let you managed accounts receivable in a continuous and timely manner. One easy way to deal with these issues is to outsource accounts receivable.

Whiz Consulting is one of the best accounts receivable outsourcing company in India and helps them to take control of their cash flow. We make use of different accounts receivable software to help Indian businesses with accounts receivable, ensuring that they do not turn into bad debt. We have served many businesses belonging to different industries in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and other cities in India. Our experts will track your accounts receivable regularly and help track any irregularities allowing you to bill a customer on time or not to know whether you have been paid or not. Right from maintaining records of bills to analysing overall accounts receivable, we will help you with the overall accounts receivable process.

Accounts Receivable Management Services By Whiz Consulting

Maintaining a record of the bills
Regular billing and delivery to customers
Creation of invoice
Record of received payments
Adjusting the payments with invoices
Linking Payment Gateways and the Accounting software
Constant follow-ups with debtors for pending invoices
Discounting the debtors
In-depth analysis of accounts receivable reports

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Benefits of Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Services

Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Services can be beneficial for your business in the following manner -

Increase Efficiency

With an outsourced partner, you can focus your time, effort, and money on acquiring new customers instead of spending on the accounts receivable process.


An Outsourced Accounts Receivable Service cost as compared to hiring in house resources or Chartered Accountant will be much affordable

Reduce DSO

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is reduced by ensuring every sale is recorded and receivables are collected, keeping in mind the outstanding days.

Client Relationships

Outsource partner creates a positive barrier between you and your clients, helping maintain healthy relationships.

Why Choose Whiz Consulting

Whiz Consulting assists in streamlining the cash flow for Indian businesses. We ensure that your customer is paying on time, and we highlight those who do not. Our highly experienced team at Whiz Consulting provides an accurate picture of your business in terms of receivables, bad debts, and much more that enables you to reduce your stress related to the accounts receivable process. We also send out invoices and email your clients using the best accounts receivable software.

With Whiz Consulting's outsourced accounts receivable service, you get customised service tailor-made to your needs. Tasks like regular follow-ups on the unsettled invoices, sending out regular reminders, and negotiating with the debtors are no longer your headaches. You may also provide a discount to debtors who facilitate prompt payment and improve cash flow. With our service, be assured of getting the money due to the business while you focus on growing the business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When your customers buy goods or services on credit, the amount due by all your customers makes up the accounts receivable. Accounts receivable is a current asset of your business. These payments are yet to be received by specific due dates hence the name receivable. While it is best to avoid selling products or services on credit, it is inevitable to run a business. Payment made on an immediate basis is good for the business but not practically possible as you have to match up to the credit period offering by competitors in the industry.
Days sales outstanding (DSO), also known as average collection period, is the calculation of the average number of days required to collect payment for a sale. Low DSO implies it takes fewer days to collect the accounts receivable, which will enable the business to reinvest its cash. Higher DSO is a bad sign and indicates that the business fund is stuck, thus not allowing to reinvest frequently.
Managing your accounts receivable is important as it ensures that you are generating enough cash inflows for your business to remain operational. It also allows you to ensure that your accounts receivable does not turn into bad debt. This is why we suggest accounts receivable outsourcing.
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