Outsourced Futrli Forecasting & Reporting Services

Futrli Reporting & Forecasting Services

Futrli is a cloud-based forecasting and reporting software which assist businesses to stay in control by providing quick access to vital financial information. Futrli specialized on forecasting, and it has the capability to project for up to 10 years into the future.

One can use Futrli with your choice of accounting software and combines the financial data with business goals. It is available as an integrated software in leading online accounting software. Businesses get access to all-in-one forecasting and reporting tool the creates forecasts and reports from their financial and non-financial data. Futrli reports can result in both financial and non-financial KPIs. This allows the business to explore every possible outcome precisely for the right decision-making process.

Why Choose Futrli for your Business

Integration with Accounting software

Futrli can be integrated with major online accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks

User Interface

Futrli has a simple and user-friendly interface for easy operation

Understanding of reports

It provides reports which are accurate and yet easily understandable


Projection and prediction capability of up to 10 years into the future

Transferrable reports

If you need your reports for any particular purpose, you will get a transferrable report

Non-financial data

Reports in Futrli is created by using both financial as well as non-financial data

Futrli Software along with Whiz Consulting

We at Whiz Consulting provide service that helps our customer utilized Futrli software to its max potential. Here is how our Futrli software service will help you -

Usage of Futrli in Different Industries

Futrli is used by businesses in of a wide range of industries, and at Whiz Consulting, we have served the following list of industries with the use of Futrli software –

Why Whiz Consulting for Futrli

Periodical Consultations with Management

With our perdiodical consultations, our management and team of experts will provide you assistance for any query related to our services or about your data on Futrli.

Wide Experience

With the wide experience, our expert will allow you to utilize Futrli’s reports and forecasted data in the most beneficial manner for your business.

Affordable Cost

We provide quite an affordable service as compared to other outsource accounting and bookkeeping service provider while ensuring the quality of deliverable.

Pricing of futrli

1. Flow ($11.25 per month when billed annually and $15 per month billed monthly)

Flow can be used alone or with Predict. Flow shows you exactly what actions to take. Some of the features of Flow are -

  • Daily updating action feed alerting you to what is important today
  • Daily Xero and QuickBooks scanning
  • Daily customer & supplier analysis
  • Daily customer and supplier ranking
  • Daily customer dependency analysis
  • Daily customer and supplier trends
Predict ($72.25 per month when billed annually and $99 per month billed monthly)

Predict as the name suggest helps predict future instances related to your business finance so that your businesses avoid any roadblock. Some of the features of Predict are -

  • Automated data pull from Xero or QuickBooks Online twice daily.
  • Automatically updated live predictions
  • Toggle different decision or scenarios
  • Customize and create your predictions
  • Automated predicted, daily updating cash position
  • Automated predicted income and purchases
  • Automated predicted invoices and bills
  • Automated predicted customer and supplier payment days
  • Automated predicted profit & loss
  • Automated predicted balance sheet
  • Automated predicted cash flow statement

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