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E-Commerce Accounting Services for New Age Business Model

Businesses nowadays are mainly opening up in e-commerce format. In the case of existing companies, they are shifting to e-commerce or opening up an e-commerce storefront. The E-commerce format does not have the restriction of having a physical store or geographical boundary, and thus businesses can grow by leaps and bounds.

The need for having an E-commerce Accounting solution is undeniable for a business to grow and expand or to survive in a highly competitive market. Like other industries, e-commerce businesses also require you to manage your finance efficiently to grow your business. And to manage the business finance efficiently, one must put attention to detail in the bookkeeping and accounting for e-commerce companies.

If you have an existing e-commerce business, you might already know how important it is to manage your finance to grow your business. But the tricky part is how do you manage the bookkeeping and accounting for your business. Having e-commerce accounting services is very evident for a business to grow and expand or survive in a highly competitive market. We at Whiz Consulting provide customised e-commerce accounting services that cater to the need and functions of the business is a must.

What Are the Difficulties Faced by E-Commerce Business Owners?

Here are some challenges faced by e-commerce businesses that one must to ready to tackle if they belong to the E-commerce industry -

Tax Compliance

Non-compliance can lead to heavy penalties and fines. It is no different for an e-commerce business. When selling globally, you must know about all the other tax systems applicable for those countries without forgetting the export and import charges.

Inventory Management

Inventory is the essential element of an e-commerce business, and it is the management of inventory that can make or break your business. You should be able to track all your inventory accurately, and this could be difficult when the volume of transactions is high or when you serve various locations.

Tracking Multiple Payment Channel

Customer loves when you have multiple payment channels, but this is a challenge for the business owner as they must record information from various channels.

Sales Channel

You could be selling your product on multiple channels like websites, e-commerce sites like Amazon, and even physical stores. While having various channels will help reach a broader audience, there will be different invoices and confusion in the record-keeping process.


While most businesses want to grow globally, not everyone knows about dealing with multiple currencies. There is a difference in sales value of different countries and the fact that the oversea payment provider is not going to record the sales until the end of the day, which does not match Indian time.

Do you face any of these e-commerce challenges too?

Whiz Consulting will guide you through all challenges and help bring efficiency to your e-commerce business with our E-commerce Accounting Solution.

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E-commerce Accounting Services Offered

  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Account Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory Management
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cash flow projections
  • Financial Reporting
  • Invoice Processing
  • Tax Compliance

Apart from the above services, we also provide the following services that are specific to the E-commerce business –

E-commerce Accounting Services we provide for businesses based in India help businesses to keep up the day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Whether you want to outsource e-commerce accounting services in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and other cities in India, our accountants can help you with it all. We use the best accounting software for e-commerce in India to help you accurately record all income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equity transactions. We take pride in crafting a bookkeeping agenda to meet the needs of business owners.

E-commerce Platform Our Experts Use

There are various E-commerce Platforms that businesses can opt for apart from having their website. These third-party tools are an efficient and effective way to conduct e-commerce business. Here is the list of E-commerce platforms we have worked with for our esteem clients.

Process Involve in E-commerce Accounting

Whiz Consulting has been providing e-commerce accounting services for over a long period now, and we assist the business to function smoothly and grow their business. This is made possible by following this process -

Understanding Requirements

First and foremost, we make sure that we understand the client's requirements and any other specific deliverables that they are expecting from our team.

Access to Past Record

Clients provide access to books and data, which is then analysed by our team of experts.

Updating or Setting up of Books of Account

According to our experts' gaps or any errors, we either update or set up new books of accounts.

Record keeping

We start processing the data on our end and update the data as and when any transaction or activity is conducted

Delivering Reports

We reconcile accounts and prepare all the necessary financial statements to provide our clients with summarised brief and help them understand important KPIs for improvement.

Why Whiz Consulting for Your E-commerce Accounting?


We make sure that your e-commerce business doesn't commit any non-compliance. We keep ourselves updated on any new updates and changes in laws and the basic accounting principles and standards.

Customised to your business Need

Our accounting and bookkeeping services are customised for every industry, and the same is the case with the E-Commerce industry. Apart from this, we also customized our service as per the specific need of the individual business owner.

Experience and Expertise

We have experience of over a decade, and our experts know industry-specific requirements. We streamline your e-commerce bookkeeping and accounting systems, further upsurging productivity.

Boundless Consultation

You get access to unlimited phone and e-mail consultations with our experts, where you can get assistance for any doubts and issues. We also modify a plan for you based on your exclusive business needs.


We provide a dedicated team of experts who will guide the clients to utilise e-commerce accounting software packages and business operation programs. This comprises inventory management, payment processing, CRM, and CMO.

Business Growth

We bring scalability as well as experience to grip the bookkeeping and accounting needs of the business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

E-commerce accounting is accounting for e-commerce companies and businesses. It is the process of collecting, analysing, organising, and reporting the financial data of an e-commerce business. E-commerce businesses have specific requirements when it comes to accounting, and it focuses slightly more on inventory management as it is an essential factor for an E-commerce business.
With the high volume of transactions and inventory management requirements, bookkeeping and accounting play a significant role in e-commerce businesses. It becomes inevitable for e-commerce business owners to avoid bookkeeping and accounting.
It is advantageous to hire an accountant for your e-commerce business. Due to the complexities of the e-commerce business, it is best to hire someone who has experience working for an e-commerce business. A specialise e-commerce accountant can help you with your standard accounting process while also taking care of any other e-commerce specific financial issues.
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