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Every business needs to have an accurate picture of their financial position on a day-to-day basis. Businesses tend to avoid maintaining books on a regular basis especially the small and medium businesses and thus suffer from consequences like late receivables/bad debts, rush during tax seasons etc. We understand most of the accounting in small/medium businesses is done by business owners or employees who generally look after other operational parts as well and thus this part of the business often gets neglected and falls behind. Although it might not seem as important part of the business but accounting is as important as any other part of the business like sales. Without proper accounting you cannot be sure how much money you are actually making or are you actually making profit from the said business or if there are any scope for improvements etc.

Accounting involves classifying all the expenses and incomes in their respective accounts and a critical aspect of accounting is reconciliations which help businesses verify that everything is accounted for and this is where we at Whiz Consulting draw our strength from. With experience of setting up the best financial accounting and reporting practices for all sorts of businesses, a broad knowledge of business processes and technologies that we have learnt over time working with a broad range of customers across the globe and our expertise in executing functions remotely. We assure you can outsource end to end accounting for your business to us and we will make sure your books are neat, ready and reconciled round the year.

Upon outsourcing your accounting services to a professional company like whiz consulting, every aspect of your accounting process, from primary bookkeeping to statutory compliance functions to controller services, will be handled by dedicated professionals. Timely delivery, domain expertise, and presence of skilled financial experts and accountants are some of the exciting differentiators that set whiz consulting apart from others in the field.

Accounting Service Offerings

Just so that you have a better picture of your business, when you outsource your accounting to whiz consulting, you have access to world of reports that we can prepare for you regularly like on a weekly basis or as and when required. A few reports that we can prepare for you and which can enable you as a business owner to better analyze your revenue and expenses are:

Some of our accounting services include:

  • Income Statement (Profit & Loss)
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Monthly/Quarterly Year End Review
  • Financial Analysis (Ratio Analysis, P/V Ratio, NPV)
  • Balance Sheet Reporting
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Fixed Assets Process Reports
  • Trial Balance
  • Company/Business Wise Profitability
  • Client Wise Profitability
  • Project Wise Profitability
  • Resource/Employee Wise profitability
  • Ratios

Also, we can prepare any other specific report that you might want us to prepare for you in the format that you are looking for. Outsource your accounting to Whiz Consulting today and we will make sure you have access to a host of services.


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