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We have combined experience of decades when it comes to maintaining books for Australian businesses. We maintain books for over a dozen businesses in Australia which includes:

End To End Accounting For Australian Businesses

With combined experience of over 10 years and knowledge of all the popular accounting tools like XERO, Quickbooks, MYOB we assure you we can look after end to end bookkeeping for all sorts of businesses from e-commerce companies with inventories at various locations and multiple currency transactions to technology or human resource companies with hundreds of employees. You can outsource end to end accounting for your business based in Australia and we will make sure your books are kept neat and reconciled round the year.

The standard procedure/process how we work with you can be:

STEP1: Setting Up A System

We design a system for data transfer, assign timelines to various tasks and get the same approved from you. For eg. you can send us all the data for payrolls on every Friday and we will make sure the payroll is ready by Monday so that you can post the payrun on Tuesday/Wednesday. Similarly, you can tell us payment terms with various vendors and we shall make a note of that and make sure to remind you/your client directly for the overdue payments.

STEP2: Sharing of Data

You can share the data with us via Dropbox, Google Drive or emails on a daily/weekly basis as per your workload and requirements and we will make sure all the activities are completed in the timelines agreed with you.

STEP3: Processing of Data

On the basis of inputs received from you, we start inputting the data in your accounting software like XERO, Quickbooks, MYOB etc. and come up with queries if there are any, if not we update everything as they should be.

STEP4: Review, Follow Up & Revision

We review the activities on constant intervals, ask for your feedback and make revisions wherever required so that we can be sure that we are delivering the best.

Activities We Can Do For Australian Clients:


From passing journal entries to maintaining complete records of books of accounts, we can maintain end to end books for you using the accounting tool/software of your choice. With proficiency in using tools like XERO, Quickbooks, MYOB, Zohobooks, Quicken, Business Vision, Simply Accounting and many more, we will make sure your books are in perfect condition round the year as well as we will make sure that you have all the reports that you need whenever you want them like balance sheets, P&L statement, debtor reports etc. as per the Australian reporting standards making sure the books are neat with everything reconciled round the year.

Accounts Payable

We can prepare a daily/weekly/biweekly reports for accounts payable and send the same to you so that you never breach payment terms with your clients as well as are always at peace of mind. From scanning of invoices to making sure payment terms etc. adhere to your company policy, we will make sure things are exactly as they should be and we will make our responsibility to raise a red flag with you when they are not.

Accounts Receivable

You cannot expect your business to sustain let alone talk about growing if you are not sure how much you ought to receive from your debtors. You also need to make sure you receive what the others owe you as well as that is done in a timely manner to keep that cash flow moving. We at Whiz Consulting will make sure that you receive money from your debtors and that is done in time either by reminding you of the overdue payments or by contacting the clients directly on your behalf.

Financial Reporting

With years of experience working with Australian clients, we know exactly what all is needed by the regulatory bodies/your in house CPA’s and we can produce the same for you like periodic reports, BAS, income statement analysis, profit & loss, balance sheet, debtor report, cash flow statement, bank reconciliation report, business analysis report, financial analysis report, ratios or any ad hoc report that you might need like project wise profitability etc. You can trust us with your financial reporting requirements and we can even get in touch with your CPA and make sure everything is there as and when he wants.


We look after weekly/biweekly/monthly payrolls for our clients including PAYG, Superannuations, Tax Calculations and deductions along with emailing of salary slips to employees and will be happy to look after all/a part of them for you. From calculating and including reimbursements along with employee leaves etc., you can count on us for looking after the complete payroll activity for your business.

BAS Preparation

Since we have been working with clients/businesses based in Australia for a while, we know about the mandatory regulatory filings like BAS and we can prepare BAS returns for our clients which their CPA’s or BAS agents can file. You can count on us for accuracy of these statements and we will make sure these statements are prepared well before due dates.

Outsource your end to end bookkeeping of your Australian business to the expert team at Whiz Consulting like dozens of other clients in Australia and we will make sure all you have is a smile on your face when you think about your books as you can be sure that they will be updated, organized and neat round the year.

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