Accounts Receivable Services

Accounts Receivable Services

Accounts receivable is typically one of the largest and most visible asset on the balance sheet of a business and although every business is well aware of the importance of this business function, this is given less importance than it should be. A business spends a lot of time, effort and money in acquiring customers and then the same in delivering the product/service and thus, when it comes to receiving money for those efforts, it should be done in time not just to maintain bank balance/cash, but to avoid bad-debts. A poor receivable management hinders cash flow and may cause company the burden of bad debt expenses.

Thus, to make sure that all your customers pay on a timely basis as well as to highlight the ones that do not, our accounts receivable services come in. You can outsource your accounts receivable to the highly experienced team at Whiz Consulting and you can be sure that you have an accurate picture of your business in terms of receivable/bad debts etc. We can directly invoice and email your clients from the tool of your choice like Quickbooks, XERO etc. and we can follow up with them directly on the invoices due or if you want this to be done by yourself/your employees, we can prepare weekly/fortnightly reports and send them to you and you can get in touch with your clients and remind them of the due/overdue amounts.

At Whiz Consulting, we help our customers in streamlining their receivables. We follow up on the outstanding invoices, send timely reminders, negotiate with debtors, and also discounting of debtors which facilitate quicker payment and improved cash flow. Outsource your accounts receivable function to whiz consulting today and be assured that we will work equally hard to get the money due to the business.

What All We Cover:

  • Timely Billing and Delivering to the Customer
  • Recording the Bills in the Books of Accounts
  • Recording the Payments Received in the Books and adjusting them with the Invoices
  • Linking your Accounting Software with the Payment Gateway a/c (like Paypal, Visa, E-way etc.) and Recording the Payment Received and adjusting it with the Invoice on Timely Basis
  • Constant following up with the Debtors for Overdue Invoices
  • Negotiations with the Debtors for Payment within the Credit Term
  • Discounting of Debtors
  • Providing In-depth Analysis for Movement of Debtors through Accounts Receivable Reports

Get in touch today for a personalised solution for outsourcing your Accounts Receivable function.


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